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Bringing Technology, Knowledge and international investors to create manufacturing, processing & service companies. World-class reputation in invigorating business environments, partnerships with Investors, universities and inter-continental business. Using leadership in many fields and partner with ENABLING disruptive technology securing Markets.

Enabling Knowledge

Exceptional staff with the insights of forward-thinking and innovative researchers, engineers, scientists & business to find and design solutions using multi-disciplinary teams to perform in-depth Value Chain Analysis in context of the socio-economic and cultural realities.

Enabling Technology

Constant update of enabling technologies by selecting for decentralised production, processing and transformation to a broad base of entrepreneurs.


Manage private equity in start-ups with strong ENABLING technology in the Food production and processing, Financial and Medical sectors, by actively participating in the funding and global business development.

Venture Capital

Provide capital raising services and offer private equity investors an investment window.

Business Development

Provide guidance and active hands-on development of the business on an global basis.


London, Milan, Pretoria, and Sydney providing services in Europe, Australia & Africa. Capacity of local presence in the language & culture. We participate local & deal inter-continental.



Desktop Analysis

(pestel approach)

Report on the feasibility to localise product or service evaluated against: Political, Economic, Social, Technology, Environmental and Legal.

Detail description of the African landscape with regards to Political, Economic, Social, Technology, Environmental and Legal, Business Intelligence, Law enforcement.

Operational Readiness Analysis

Operational planning

Detail report on the requirements to get the business into operations, including budgets and sales forecasts

1. Financial budget
2. Human resource requirements
3. Operational / Production requirements
4. Legal / contract requirements
5. Entity establishment
6. Compliance requirements


Channel Analysis

Market segmentation / Competitor landscape
Determine the market size and possible channels for sales / distribution.

Detail description of the local market size, complexities , competitors and opportunities.

Financial Analysis

Financial modelling based on different operating models
Conduct a deep dive financial modelling based on overall strategy and different potential operating model. Include the determination of required capability and capacities.

Detail financial modelling based on different operating models. Include all cost elements, capacities requirements with regards to all resources requirements and forecast based on the market analysis report.


Manufactoring and Assembling

Enabling International Businesses to regionalise their business by transferring Technology and Knowledge in Europe, Australia and Africa, either directly or by local Joint Ventures through innovative support:

  • search, research, analysis, fit & presenting Business opportunities (not only technology) to selected customers in well-defined markets.
  • manufacture, processing & assembly.
  • new market penetration.

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ITALY: Marco PISSARELLO +44 7520 641844
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